Raw food diet for Cat


“Raw food diet for Cat” refers to a diet that consists primarily of raw, uncooked animal tissue and organs, including meats, bones, and organs. This type of diet is often recommended for cats that are healthy and in good condition, as it provides a high-quality source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats.

One of the main advantages of a raw food diet for cats is that it helps to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the feline intestine, which is important for overall health. Additionally, raw food diets can provide a source of energy and nutrients that are not found in processed foods, such as antibiotics and growth hormones.

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feeding advice :

Feed as soon as possible after opening. If you have not finished feeding, please seal it and store it in a refrigerator at 0-4 degrees Celsius, and finish feeding within 24 hours

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